Svenire disciplinatamente

St. Patrick’s day: arriva Kate e la guardia reale sviene da

Cappotto verde al ginocchio per Kate Middleton, la duchessa di Cambridge ha presenziato alla parata delle guardie irlandesi nel giorno in cui si festeggia San Patrizio. All’evento non è mancato un fuori programma: un soldato, all’arrivo della moglie del principe William è svenuto cadendo a terra.



[…] For those who find the heat or the weight of the occasion too much, their orders are clear. There is to be no crabbing sideways or swaying and certainly no dropping your rifle, going down on one knee or putting a hand down. Instead true grit is displayed by those soldiers who can topple forward face first while still holding their bayonet-tipped rifles. “You have to faint to attention,” says Major Dai Bevan, who will lead the 101-strong Guard of Honour from the Welsh Guards. “It will probably involve a broken nose and a whole lot of missing teeth.”

Special contempt will be reserved for anyone who falls over on his back. The entire uniform – which has 11 layers of cloth in the tunic – is designed not to show sweat patches. The troops have been told to offset the risk of fainting while on duty by ensuring that the leather band on their bearskin is not too tight so that their heads can expand in the heat and by drinking up to five litres of water beforehand. But this brings with it another set of problems. For those Guardsmen who misjudge the intake of fluids leaving their post is not an option.

“You can hear lads groaning behind you,” says Guardsman Bryce Pounder, 25, of the Scots Guards and a veteran of last year’s Trooping The Colour parade. However at four hours, the royal wedding will be an hour longer than Trooping The Colour. If the pressure on bladders is too much then the thick barathea wool trousers they wear are sufficiently dark to cover their embarrassment, according to Guardsman Shaun Marsden, 25. “You might get a few little puddles,” he says. […]

sway /sweɪ/ barcollare, dondolarsi

faint /feɪnt/ intr. svenire;

grit /grɪt/ n. uncountable  – colloq. coraggio m., fegato

topple / ˈtɒpl/ rovesciarsi, cadere

sweat patches – macchie di sudore

lads colloq. the ~s i compagni, gli amici.

bladder / ˈblædə(r)/ n.   anat. bot. vescica f.

Traduzione di ‘barathea‘ non trovata

puddle / ˈpʌdl/ n. pozza f., pozzanghera f.

Titch in time! Moment Irish regiment’s tiny tailor stepped in to help Royal Wedding guardsman who fainted during parade

Titch n UK, slang (small person, child) colloquiale, spregiativo tappo, nano, nanerottolo nm

colloquiale, figurato microbo nm

titch n US, dialect (small amount) colloquiale sputo nm

How it should be done: This Spanish honour guard gave a stellar display of ceremonial fainting


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