Terra Sacra

Gli autori, il fotografo Sean F. White ed il compositore Roy Milner, entrambi canadesi hanno titolato il loro video proprio “Terra Sacra” (- Latin for Sacred Earth). Credevo di trovare il solito effettaccio time lapse questa volta ambientato a Gerusalemme. Invece è la testimonianza di un viaggio di sei anni, come un pellegrinaggio nei luoghi più suggestivi della Terra che viviamo. E di cui è giusto anche in questo giorno triste ricordarne la bellezza.

Photographed & Edited by Sean F. White seanwhite.net
Original score by Roy Milner roymilner.com

Terra Sacra Time Lapses – a Film by Sean F. White

“My life as a filmmaker has been a journey which has blessed me with the privilege of seeing some of the most surreal and timeless places on the planet. These images of our Sacred Earth set to music are my way of sharing some of the magic I’ve experienced along the way…

Terra Sacra Time Lapses is a short film featuring remote landscapes and ancient monuments from around the globe. These images were photographed between 2006-2012 on personal travels and assignments for Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge and Parallax Film Productions.

I’ve combined my favourite shots from these trips into non-narrative film that touches on a theme close to my heart: Sacred Earth.

The visuals are driven by an original score by composer Roy Milner (roymilner.com). The six-minute film is a journey through three distinct Acts: (I) Primordial Earth (II) Past meets Present and (III) Eternal Universe.

This film is a personal project to share the beauty and awe I witnessed at these locations. I hope viewers will be moved by the intangible power of our Terra Sacra.

Locations: Shot-by-shot breakdown of each location in the film HERE


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